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The #12WeekMourChallenge

The ’12WeekMourHair’ Challenge involves you taking your hair on a brand-new journey with us to give you MourHair! Whether its hair revival, thickness or length, I’m sure we can assist.

Mourmourcreme’ products only include natural ingredients promising the best for your hair, during this process we advise little to no heat is used to see your hairs full potential.

Myself, the founder will help monitor your hair progress and offer any advice/recommendations throughout your journey.

You will receive a minimum of 5 FULL SIZED products and up to 2 accessories.

RRP at approx £70

Please, please, pleaseeeeee keep sharing your journey with us via twitter or Instagram using the hashtag (#12WeekMourChallenge) keeping us updated on your hair journey, whilst using our bundle on your hair.

Whilst sharing your experience we will work together to ensure your hair becomes the best it can be.

You will receive emails with guidance and information regarding your hair.

Helping to assist you further in restoring the goodness of your hair.  These are exciting!! I make them myself too ; )

Each email will have a different focus and by the end of the 12 weeks you should have a lot more information on how to care for your hair without adding harmful chemicals and you will be in love with mourmourcreme.

The challenge is available for all hair types, whether you are natural, permed or transitioning.

This will be our sixth #12WeekMourChallenge !! Yayyyy, I am hoping this one is just as great as we had some amazing results.

You want in? YES? Okay, let’s go.


  1. Choose your package: Dryness & Damage / Length / Beard / Healthy Hair Journey.
  2. Tell us about your problems & what you would like to achieve in the Note to Seller section.
  3. Receive your personalised package within 10 working days.

Limited availability whilst stock last.

Consistently document your progress online to receive £20 off your next order.

That’s a WHOPPING 50% back.

We had the very beautiful Tiss, try out our challenge and Vlog her results. View her amazing review here:

So, this challenge is for YOU, especially if your hair is:

Heat Damaged






& Bored…. Yes yes yes, your hair can get bored.

Hello World



Hello you, welcome to our blog post.

This space will be used as a space for anything.

 Literally, anything that comes to my mind will be posted here. The purpose of this space is to remind my customers, I am human.

I am a mother, a girlfriend, a daughter, a best friend, an employee and a potential business owner.

I am not your average “business owner”, not yet anyway, because I don’t see MourMourCreme as a business if I am honest, I think of it as a service. Maybe, because I realllly enjoy doing it, I like interacting with people, giving them advice, offering support, making the crèmes, doing paper work blah blah blah. I love it!

So yeah, this is me, I am 21 by the way so I am still a baby. I am still learning!! Don’t judge me by who I was 5 minutes ago, I am not the same person. Literally….

If you want to be my friend feel free to follow me on social media @callmekimoni I accept new friends allll the time, you see when you become a mum, you tend to lose friends, I don’t know why (okay, I do but that’s for a different blog) luckily, I still have my mains though THE ‘BadGyalWave’ ha, you’ll probably find out about them in a few more blogs.

I am not even sure how blogs work I have only read a few, normally I find them quite boring, so we will see how this pans out.

Blessings,  Kimoni x