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Cash, Credit or Exposure….


“That’s £79.99 please”

“Oh, here you go… do you accept exposure?”



 I am sure a lot of small business owners can relate, but guys, exposure does not pay my bills.

Exposure for a brand is very important and yes, it shouldn’t always be free. However, let’s be realistic, me giving you hundreds of pounds worth of stock in exchange for people getting freebies at your event at my expense is not a fair deal.

When I first launched Mourmourcreme, I would often give out freebies to people I thought supported me as a good will gesture.

As a supporter of black owned businesses, you should not ask for “sponsorship” for events you are making a profit on, especially from a small business. Of course, you can get sponsorship for your events but don’t be selfish and try to exploit smaller businesses. Make it a fair trade!

Moving forward, I no longer provide “sponsorship” for events that make a profit. Please do not ask, as refusal often offends.

I will always try to help charity when possible and I am willing to do some valuable collaborations, just no sponsorship's.

As a small business, we are all trying to increase our profits and are not in such positions to financially support others personal income with nothing real return.

sorry not sorry

Power to the afro puff and your tight afro curls!


hey guys Khara here also known as the afro activist. What can I say I am fully in touch with my roots and all its glory! Since I started the natural hair, movement just over a year ago, this was also the start of my kharaself-love journey, Why self-love? Well I noticed that I was admiring others but not giving myself credit for the good things about myself. Such as my own natural hair when I was a lot younger I never wanted an afro I wanted straight long hair down my back just like the girls I used to see on TV and in the magazines. How I begged my mum for a relaxer I just wanted to look “pretty” my grandmother sat me in the kitchen with the hot comb on the stove, I have to admit I was so scared the old school hot comb and newspaper rollers. Getting ready for church on a Easter Sunday. Then finally at the age of 16 pow I was introduced to the “creamy crack!!”  Little did I know I was conforming to the “European beauty standards” that have been drilled in to black men and women from the earliest times of slavery! Long straight hair and fair skin…”Team light skinned” Guilty… every shade is beautiful dark down to our albino brothers and sisters. Now I am often told I was born in the wrong era. I missed the 60s the rise of the black panther movement lead by some of the most influential strong black women rocked their remarkable mains such as Angela Davis and the likes of Kathleen Cleaver sending a positive message of embracing every form of black beauty. I loved what these women stood for after researching into my history and who my people were, It made me want to love my hair so I started to transition. The box braids where out and then finally the big chop SNIP,SNIP! I must admit it was the best decision I have made in my life so far MAYNNEE am still young lol 24 years young. During this time I have been trailing different products for my hair and trying to find a product that’s my hair loves and I must admit Mour mour crème has been the best. My hair is very soft and tends to get brittle very quickly but since I’ve been using this product my hair is bouncy and shiny love it. In addition, my scalp isn’t as flaky. Not about the dandruff life big no, no (Apple cider vinegar is your best friend it’s like a ritual) but anyyy whoooo…..

Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs from myself and other members of Team mour. My aim is to instil and motivate self-love body positivity, knowledge of self and maybe broaden your horizon of expectations.

Namaste LOVE LIGHT <3