Hello World



Hello you, welcome to our blog post.

This space will be used as a space for anything.

 Literally, anything that comes to my mind will be posted here. The purpose of this space is to remind my customers, I am human.

I am a mother, a girlfriend, a daughter, a best friend, an employee and a potential business owner.

I am not your average “business owner”, not yet anyway, because I don’t see MourMourCreme as a business if I am honest, I think of it as a service. Maybe, because I realllly enjoy doing it, I like interacting with people, giving them advice, offering support, making the crèmes, doing paper work blah blah blah. I love it!

So yeah, this is me, I am 21 by the way so I am still a baby. I am still learning!! Don’t judge me by who I was 5 minutes ago, I am not the same person. Literally….

If you want to be my friend feel free to follow me on social media @callmekimoni I accept new friends allll the time, you see when you become a mum, you tend to lose friends, I don’t know why (okay, I do but that’s for a different blog) luckily, I still have my mains though THE ‘BadGyalWave’ ha, you’ll probably find out about them in a few more blogs.

I am not even sure how blogs work I have only read a few, normally I find them quite boring, so we will see how this pans out.

Blessings,  Kimoni x

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